Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chapter 5

He looked at her and raised his eyebrows “But you are a fan? Right?”

Sophie nodded without saying a word.

“So who is your favorite?” He persisted. “All fans have their favorite band member! Do you fancy the Kidd? Or you prefer our Tall Dark and Handsome Wingman? Or is it the Hitman who sets your heart on fire? Or is it the Joker that tickles your fancy?” Seeing her opened mouthed shocked face, David smiled and said “We do read the boards and blogs you know.”

Recovering from her shock, Sophie smiled and nodded “Well, in that case sign me up for All of the Above category.” Seeing his unconvinced expression she continued “I actually like all of you guys. You know, each of you has unique talents and merits. I greatly admire Jon for his philanthropy. What he and his foundation do for the community is phenomenal. And of course his voice, song writing and stage presence are short of amazing! Richie’s guitar playing skills are legendary, his contribution to the creative process is irreplaceable. And don’t forget his charity work. Tico is a real power house on those drums! His art is very interesting and diverse, and I sooo love his jewelry line.” She smiled, slid her hand from his and touched her pendant.

Chagrined by the loss of her hand in his, David nodded and looked at her questionably “And?”

Sophie laughed at his “upset little boy expression” and continued “ And….O yeah, there is also this guy on that stage whose fingers seem to fly above the keyboards, who writes amazing piano music and funny songs for a stage production. Who is also actively helping to keep music alive in our schools! Happy now?”

David nodded and smiled “Yep!” “But seriously now, how long have you been a fan? And, most importantly, do I have to fear for my safety?” he said as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Sophie gave him a “Kidd worthy” look.

“I’m just kidding” he laughed, raising his hands in mock surrender.

She sighed, and shook her head “I don’t think you’re in any danger from me. And I‘ve been a fan of your music since the beginning, the 80‘s you know, the Runaway …”

“In that case, how about having dinner with me?” he asked.

“Well… OK… I guess…” she hesitated and blushed “as long as its not room service!”

“No, no room service!” David chuckled and thought to himself “at least not for now!”
He got off the bench and headed for the lobby with Sophie following him. As she looked through the glass hotel doors at the dark winter sky, Sophie hesitated and looked at David “Uhmm, Its December 19th, and we are in New Jersey….so its like 30 degrees outside. You’ll need your jacket!”

“What about you?” he laughed.

“Mine is in my truck, and I’m parked right there” she pointed to the nearest line of cars.

“Well mine is upstairs in my room, wanna come with me and help me get it?”

“Nope! I’ll just wait for you right here in the lobby if you don’t mind!”

David DID mind, but decided not to argue with her “Ok, give me five minutes.”

Sophie nodded and watched him turn and walk toward the elevators, admiring his muscular thighs and rear tightly hugged by black denim. True to his word, he re appeared few minutes later, sporting a long leather coat. Seeing her nod approvingly, he led their way to the doors.

“Do you know this area?” he asked her.

“Yes, I actually live here in Woodcliff Lake.” she answered.

“Great! Then you drive!” he laughed.


The Goddess Hathor said...

I agree, it's hard to pick a favorite from that group... lol

OK, you're killing me here! He's not gonna bite you Sophie; unless you want him to...

~ Hath

jerseygirl said...

Trying to pick a favorite between those four is like trying to pick between your children! She recovered perfectly, they all have the strengths. Can't wait to see what happens at dinner! Don't keep us waiting toooooo long :-)