Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chapter 7

“Business” he sighed….”You sure you want to hear?”

Sophie nodded and reached for a piece of sashimi with her chop sticks. He watched her place it in her mouth, close her eyes and chew slowly with obvious pleasure on her face. Again, he felt an unexpected stirring in his groin. Giving himself a mental shake, David proceeded to explain the tedious process of negotiating of staging a Broadway Play. Sophie listened attentively and asked appropriate questions. She laughed at his sarcasm and commented that show business seems to have even more “red tape” then health care.

They made their way through the appetizer, sharing and commenting on different sashimi flavors and textures. The conversation slowed as the main course arrived. They ate in a comfortable silence, both wondering why they felt so at ease with each other.

When the waitress approached them with a dessert menu, David looked at Sophie who shook her head and patted her tummy “I can’t possibly eat another bite, but please go ahead if you want something.” He laughed and asked for the check, handing over his credit card as soon as it arrived.

Sophie looked at her watch ” Its getting late so I better take you back to the Hilton.”

David looked at her and raised his eyebrows “ Its only seven thirty! Why are you in such a hurry to get rid of me?” Then a realization hit him and he frowned “ do you need to get home to some one?”

“Actually, yes….Sasha is probably wondering where I am” she laughed

“Sasha?” he asked.

“Yes Sasha….my cat!” she laughed.

David nodded and decided to press on “Are you married? Or otherwise involved? I need to know if I’m about to trespass.”

Stunned by the last sentence, Sophie stared at him for few seconds before answering “ No David, I’m not married, not in a relationship either.” she said and softly added “and there are no kids, in case you’re wondering…”

It was David’s turn to be stunned “Did she just read his mind?”

The waitress returned with the credit card receipt, he signed without looking, reached in his pocket and placed couple of bills on the table. Sophie rose and reached for her jacket but David beat her to it and held it for her to get into. He then put on his coat and led her outside.

They were both surprised to see that gentle snow was falling around them. They reached her SUV and David went around and opened the driver side door for Sophie. She smiled gratefully and got in. He joined her few moments later.

Clearing his throat, he turned to face her “ Sophie, I’m going to be in this area for few more days….Do you think…uhmmm….Can we….Can I see you again?” He almost whispered.

“I….ahh…I don’t know what to say…” she whispered back.

“Please say yes!”

“OK, then….yes”

He smiled, leaned back in seat and said “Great! How about having breakfast with me tomorrow?”


The Goddess Hathor said...

Why David, breakfast sounds great! My place or yours :)

I love how this story is flowing... great job!

~ Hath

jerseygirl said...

I was sooo happy to see a new chapter up! Breakfast, yes. But how about a little dessert first? And I think Dave must be doing some reading around here. All this talk of Broadway negotiation's must've got him into work mode, and I thank you for it! Finally some info on the real life play! Don't keep us hanging toooo long :-)

jerseygirl said...

And I meant to tell you that I LOVE the pics that you sneak in! I'm not tech savvy enough to figure that out lol.